5 things you should know about WICS 2018

UW-Oshkosh got things going this past weekend and it looks like this season’s competition could be fierce !  Check out the current standings .   For those new to the series here are 5 things you should know about scoring and results.

1. Each competition’s results are posted here under the corresponding competitions results page.  Our goal is to post them here by Monday evening following a competition.   These results will have each climbers overall score and WICS points.

2. WICS points are different than the points you earn while competing. We assign WICS points after the competition.   learn more about the point system here.

3. Teams as well as individuals compete against each other.  Scores are calculated by combining the top 4 WICS points your teams scores.  However, at least one of those scores needs to come from the opposite gender.  For example 2 male and 2 female, 1 male and 3 female , 3 male and 1 female.

4. The team series champions are determined by combining each teams top 5 competition scores.  Since we have 6 competitions in our series this year, a team basically gets to drop their lowest score.  If a team doesn’t compete in a competition they would earn 0 points.

5. The overall individual series champions are also recognized.    WICS recognizes the top 3 male and female series climbers at the end of the season. These individuals are earn their position based on their combined scores from their best 4 competitions.  Basically an individual gets to drop two of their lowest scores.  If a climber doesn’t participate in a competition they earn 0 points, but if they compete in all 6 they earn 10 bonus points.