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The North Shore Climbers Club in partnership with the University of Minnesota Duluth Recreational Sports and Outdoor Program would like to announce the 29th Annual Concrete Smorgasbord Climbing Competition. Join over 50 competitors of all skill levels for a day of climbing, excitement and a large variety of prizes. There will be over 50 new bouldering and roped routes. Compete against climbers of all ability levels for prizes!

This year’s event is the second event of the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WICS). The competition will take place on Saturday, April 18 at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Climb on!


Sign up by either calling UMDs Recreational Sports outdoor program at (218) 726-7128 or register at the RSOP’s front desk. Day of registration will be available.

$30.00 for students
$35.00 for Non-students

Format & Rules

This climbing competition will consist of both top rope and boulder routes at UMD’s two climbing walls. Competitors climb at the same time and are allowed to observe other climbers prior to their attempts. Competitors may also discuss the problems amongst each other from the ground, however, no beta will be allowed for the climbers on the route. Competitors must start the problem from the intended start hold(s). When a climber completes a problem, they must have a competition volunteer initial their scorecard. The competitor's top two boulder and top three top rope scores will count towards the participant's overall score. In the event of a tie, the sixth climb will be scored. (This will continue through the, seventh, eighth, etc. climb until the tie is broken.)

1. Each competitor will be given a scorecard at check-in.

2. Score cards will identify rating, problem name, setter's initials, tape color, and any requirements specific to the problem. (ex: Sit start, arete off, naturals off, etc.)

3. Starting holds will be taped with an upside down "V”. Once the climber's body has left the ground, they have started the problem. If their foot slips off at the start and they have weighted the holds, it will be considered an attempt.

4. Holds on a route will be marked with a thin strip of tape. If anything obstructs the climber's progression through a problem they can call a technical and restart the problem (This includes but is not limited to; a hold spinning, unmarked holds, and being obstructed from another climber) . If they continue to climb and fall, it will be considered an attempt.

5. The finish hold(s) will be marked with a “U” with two vertical lines indicating the number of finish holds.

6. Naturals are considered off for all routes unless marked on with tape or otherwise indicated on route card.

7. Smearing on the wall is only allowed on faces that have a marked hold on the same face.

8. Points are earned based on the completion of a problem in one continuous go and the number of attempts needed to complete the problem.

9. The problem is completed once the final hold is weighted and controlled with both hands.

10. A Competition volunteer must witness and initial the score card upon the climbers completion of the problem to earn the points. The witness will initial the appropriate section of the scorecard.

11. Each competitor’s top two boulder and top three top rope problems will be included in the final score. If climbers tie in score the total number of attempts on the scored routes will be taken into consideration.

12. Competitors may try the problem as many times as they wish,but each attempt must be marked on their scorecard. Each route is given a set number of points for completion. The more difficult the problem, the higher the point value.

13. The top 3 male and top 3 female climbers in the advanced division will move on to finals and will be given one attempt on an on-site finals route. Climbers will earn points based on the highest controlled holed on the route. If you are in finals you are not allowed to watch other finalists climb the route until you have gone. If there is a tie in points the climber with the fastest time to completion will be the winner.

14. Awards are given to the top three male and female competitors in each division.


Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition. Winners of each category and division will have first selection at the prizes.


9:00am: Registration / Check-In

9:30am: Mandatory Competitor/Rules Meeting

10:00am: climbing starts

2:00pm: climbing ends End

2:15 Finals begin

2:45pm: Sponsor Presentations

3:00pm: Awards / Raffle


The Concrete Smorgasbord will be held at the University of Minnesota Duluth at the Recreational Sports outdoor program (RSOP) two climbing walls.

153 Sports and Health Center 1216 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812