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With 60+ boulder problems ranging from V0 to V9, the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse bouldering competition will offer challenges to climbers of all skill levels. Come and compete in the final stop of the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WICS) in one of three categories: beginner, intermediate, or advanced in men’s and women’s divisions. Competitors will be placed blindly based on their total scores at the end of the day.

The University of Wisconsin – La Crosse climbing wall and WICS would also like to give back to the La Crosse community. Participants are asked to bring in non-perishable food items for donation. For your efforts, you will be given one raffle ticket per item. Participants will be allowed up to 10 tickets for a raffle to be held after the competition. Please help support this cause and donate to our local food pantry!

Adidas Terrex will be there to provide some goodies to those who participate. Trash bags and gloves will be provided!

Climb on!


Sign Up: https://recsports.uwlax.edu

$30.00 until March 27

$35.00 From 3/27 until competition day

Format & Rules

This is strictly a bouldering competition. No roped climbing will be available during this time. Competitors climb at the same time and are allowed to observe other climbers prior to their attempts. Competitors may also discuss the problems amongst each other from the ground, however, no beta will be allowed for the climbers on the route. Competitors must start the problem from the intended start hold(s). When a climber completes a problem, they must have two witnesses initial their scorecard. The competitor's top four scores will count towards the participant's overall score. In the event of a tie, the fifth climb will be scored. (This will continue through the sixth, seventh, etc. climb until the tie is broken.)

1. Each person will be given a scorecard at check-in.

2. Identification cards will identify rating, problem name, setter's initials, tape color, and any requirements specific to the problem. (ex: Sit start, arete off, naturals off, etc.)

3. Starting and finish holds will be marked with a "V” made of tape. Once the climber's body has left the ground, they have started the problem. If their foot slips off at the start and they have weighted the holds, it will be considered an attempt.

4. Holds on a route will be marked with a thin strip of tape. If anything obstructs the climber's progression through a problem they can call a technical and restart the problem. If they continue to climb and fall, it will be considered an attempt.

5. Points are earned based on the completion of a problem in one continuous go and the number of attempts needed to complete the problem.

6. The problem is completed once the final hold is weighted and controlled with both hands.

7. Two witness verifications are needed upon completion of the problem to earn the points. The witnesses will initial the appropriate section of the scorecard.

8. Staggered starts will allow each of the three divisions four hours to compete.

9. The top four problems will be scored.

10. Competitors may try the problem as many times as they wish. The climber loses a percentage of the problems total value within the first three attempts (1st Attempt = Full Points, 2nd Attempt = 90%, 3+ Attempts = 80%). The harder the problem, the higher the point value.

11. Awards are given to the top three male and female competitors in each division.

Prizes / Raffle

Enter our prize raffle by donating non-perishable food items for a local food pantry.  1 raffle ticket per item, limit 10 raffle tickets.

Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition. The top 3 climbers in each category and division are entered into a special raffle and will get first pick from the prize table.  The additional prizes will be raffled off via the tickets received for each non-perishable food item participants donate (max 10 tickets per person). (Note: We ask that once you are selected for one prize, you hold off from taking another until everyone has received something.)

10:00am: Registration/Check-In
10:30am: Mandatory Rules Meeting
11:00am: Beginner Division Starts
11:30am: Intermediate Division Starts
12:00pm: Advanced Division Starts
3:00pm: Beginner Division Ends
3:30pm: Intermediate Division Ends
4:00pm: Advanced Division Ends
4:15pm: Sponsor Presentations
5:00pm: UWL Competition Awards/Raffle



The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse will be holding the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WICS) Bouldering Competition at the UWL Climbing Wall located within the Recreational Eagle Center (REC).

Recreation Eagle Center (REC)

(Enter from the north side of the building on La Crosse St.) 1601 Badger St.