Most competitions in the series are open to any and all climbers.  In most cases, you do not have to be a student!  Climbers of all ability levels are welcome to participate.

Individuals: WICS competitions are open to any individual climber who would like to compete

Team Requirements:
1) Must be comprised of at least 4 individuals.  Four climbers must be present at a given competition to be scored as a team.
2) Members must be comprised from the same organization ie. university, club, gym etc.
3) Must consist of at least one member of the opposite gender.  For example, teams may have three female climbers and one male climber or three males and one female or two males and two females.
4) Teams have the option of fielding different climbers at each competition. Similar to cross country meet scoring, a university or organization earns points based on the top four scores based on the criteria above.

The climbing competition format at each event is determined solely by the hosting organization.

Individuals: Must designate their desire to be included in the WICS standings on the registration form when registering for a WICS climbing competition.

Teams: Individuals must designate their desire to be included in the WICS standings and must identify their team name & affiliation when registering for a WICS climbing competition.

WICS scoring is separate and most likely different than that of the local competitions.

At each competition, climbers earn points based on their finish.  The top male and female finisher earns 100 points, second place 90 points and so on using the scoring chart below.

Place Points Place Points
1st 100 11th 40
2nd 90 12th 35
3rd 80 13th 30
4th 75 14th 25
5th 70 15th 20
6th 65 16th 15
7th 60 17th 10
8th 55 18 5
9th 50 19th 2
10th 45 20th + 1

Participating WICS competitions will provide an overall ranking of the male and female climbers to the WICS board within one week following the event. Team scores are calculated using the team's top four climbers, of which at least one has to be from the opposite gender.

For individuals, the climbers top 4 scores will be counted towards the final WICS standings.  The more competitions you attend, the more points you could earn!   A ten point bonus will be added to any climber who competes in all 6 comps.  While, it is not required to climb at all 6 competitions, it is important to attend at least 5 to be competitive in the series.

For teams, scores from all 5 competitions will be counted towards determining the final WICS team standings.

At the end of the series, WICS will recognize the overall top three co-rec teams and male and female climbers.